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Portrait of ClassmatePortrait of Classmate

Charcoal on Paper. Nice girl, but I had a difficult time not making her look like John Belushi- v. akward
Little BrotherLittle Brother

A portrait of a little boy in charcoal- I was experimenting with a more minimalist style, playing around with depicting textures.
Weird Portrait StudyWeird Portrait Study

Charcoal on paper. Was a class assinment- not incredibly fond of it by I like some of the work I did in the face so I decided to put it in my scrapbook.

Three more portaits I did in my art classes, at one time or another. Hope you like them.

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Image of myself done in charcoal pencil

Have figured out how to post images to Livejournal from Scrapbook- victory!

Weeeeeeeeeee  ;)

Decided to start using my livejournal

So hey- I've decided to actually start using my lj. I'll mainly be posting my artwork- which you can also see at my DeviantArt account SnakeYear but I may also wind up using my lj for comissions if anyone likes what they see. So anyway expect some art with the next couple of postings- given my dubious ability to figure out how to post things here :)

Edit: So I figured out how to post things on my scrapbook- but not in my journal- can someone help a not so techsavvy sister out?